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Canada takes care of its nurses, encourages permanent residency

14:51 18/08/2006
• Watch This Video A number of recent initiatives by the Canadian federal government , provincial governments and nursing unions have boosted the profession. Increased wages, increased benefits and...

Arab doctors protest UK immigration laws

14:58 16/08/2006
• Watch This Video New United Kingdom immigration laws governing post-graduate study are causing widespread consternation among Arab medical students seeking a British placement. Under new rules and...

Nearly 80% of new UK graduates in nursing face unemployment

12:00 30/06/2006
In a survey of 20 British universities, a stunning four out of five new graduates in nursing have been found to not have a job prospect available as they approach graduation at the end of this summer...

US demand continues for nurse practitioners and support staff

14:52 26/06/2006
Nurse Practitioners (NP's) are Registered Nurses (RN's) with specialized training and advanced degrees . A trend has been developing in the health care field for these persons to take on more and...

The US to recruit 10,000 South Korean nurses

13:21 18/04/2006
To ease the nursing shortage in the US , New York's St John's Riverside Hospital, which operates a nursing school and supplies nurses to 100 hospitals, has arranged for Korean nurses to come to the...

Shortage of nursing staff in US

18:03 27/03/2006
The US is suffering from a nursing shortage, with employers and educators resorting to all sorts of tricks to attract and keep nursing staff. In Spartanbury, South Carolina, nurses are eagerly...