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Home Office Immigration Directorate - Twentieth Anniversary Year

19:10 21/01/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Founded by Sanwar Ali and James Dunlop, we officially started trading on 1 June 1988. In reality, we started earlier. Some clients were so in need of our...

Big increase in UK Home Office immigration fees

19:45 01/04/2005
UPDATE: This news item is out of date. The Home Office has increased the fees as of 01 April 2007. Please see the the article we posted detailing the new Home Office fees . There is a significant...

UK - Home Office Immigration Directorate introduces charges

19:08 10/07/2003
If you make an application to the Home Office then in most cases from 1 August 2003 you will have to pay a Government fee. The UK Government has decided that they wish to recover some of the expense...