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Study reveals increasing concern over immigration in Europe

13:14 22/11/2005
The EU citizens are increasingly concerned about immigrations, because immigrants are often perceived as competitors in the labour market as well as causing social insecurity, disorder and religious...

New Australian visa rules come into force today

11:54 01/11/2005
New immigration rules that come into force on 1 Nov. will let Australian employers recruit apprentices from overseas. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says the changes will benefit employers who...

New EU countries no longer need Australia transit visas

13:26 28/10/2005
Australia's Acting Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, John Cobb, today announced that transit without visa (TWOV) privileges will be extended to countries that have...

New trends in migration to the UK: report

13:58 20/10/2005
New figures show that about 111,000 workers came to the UK from the new EU countries in the past year. That figure is up from 20,000, the number that arrived before EU enlargement in May 2004. The...

A look at Eastern European immigration in the EU

10:36 21/09/2005
Having opened the door to immigrants from the new EU member states, what are the results in the UK, Ireland and Sweden? Eastern European workers are most likely to choose to immigrate to the UK,...

Slovakia helps its unemployed immigrate abroad

10:44 16/06/2005
Slovakia has initiated a pilot scheme to help its unemployed immigrate to neighboring countries. The Jobs Abroad scheme means any Slovak on unemployment for more than three months can ask for a...