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Slovakia helps its unemployed immigrate abroad

10:44 16/06/2005
Slovakia has initiated a pilot scheme to help its unemployed immigrate to neighboring countries. The Jobs Abroad scheme means any Slovak on unemployment for more than three months can ask for a...

Immigration figures from new EU member states vary widely

14:17 02/06/2005
Germany's DIW Institute estimates that up to 150,000 people from the ten newest EU member states have immigrated to the older members since May 2004. Economic research group DIW found that more than...

More East Europeans getting jobs in EU, not US

18:11 18/05/2005
A Swedish flag flying outside Ellison Bay's Wagon Trail Resort in the US state of Wisconsin gives guests a taste of Europe, one that is usually enhanced by dozens of European workers. "Poland is a...

US offers instructions for Eastern Europe on visa-free travel

15:59 17/05/2005
The US government has offered a "road map," or a set of instructions, on how Eastern European countries can gain visa-free travel to the US , like their Western European counterparts. US officials...

Ukraine calls for visa-free travel in EU

14:25 17/05/2005
Ukraine wants its citizens to have visa-free travel to the European Union, following Kiev's temporary lifting of visitor visa requirements for tourists from the 25 EU states. "We have introduced a...

Eastern European immigrants in the UK seek better future

13:00 27/04/2005
Thousands of eastern Europeans headed to the UK last year by plane and coach, seeking a better future since their countries joined the European Union on 1 May. A year on, the BBC takes a look at...