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Dependent spouses of US H-1B visa holders often frustrated

10:45 11/10/2005
For thousands of immigrant women professionals who arrive in the United States as spouses on their husbands' visas, being forced to stay at home and not work is difficult and depressing. The...

US government increases immigration fees

18:00 27/09/2005
Application fees for immigration to the US will go up after 26 Oct. The fee increase was published in 26 Sept.'s edition of the Federal Register by Citizenship and Immigration Services, a division of...

Elderly, disabled may have trouble getting US citizenship

19:10 26/09/2005
Elderly and disabled immigrants are suffering hardships because of restrictions on citizenship applications by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, according to some US agencies that aid...

Expanded visa program for US H2B seasonal workers to start 25 May

19:53 20/05/2005
Under pressure from Congress to quickly expand the number of foreign workers allowed in the United States , federal immigration officials will begin accepting H2B visa applications for returning...

Conflicting H-1B visa news has US firms confused

15:53 13/04/2005
Though federal officials soon will begin issuing an additional 20,000 visas for highly skilled foreign workers, some US companies don't know if they'll be able to participate, reports the Sacramento...