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Ireland debates restricting entry of EU migrants

15:01 24/01/2006
Ireland's Minister for Social and Family Affairs Seamus Brennan has defended the policy of allowing migrants from the 10 newest EU states to work freely in Ireland. An opinion poll taken recently in...

Few EU states implementing EU immigration legislation

10:10 24/01/2006
Only five governments have implemented key European immigration legislation aimed at giving rights to non-EU long-term residents. The status of third-country nationals was agreed by EU governments in...

Global, US hospitality industry need workers

19:00 05/01/2006
A shrinking labor force is the number one challenge facing the global hospitality industry, according to the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, which recently convened to brainstorm...

New immigrants to Ireland buying homes

11:47 11/11/2005
Irish nationals prefer to own their own homes, rather than rent. New arrivals to Ireland appear to have the same preference, with one estate agent reporting that non-national buyers represent up to...

Report says Ireland needs workers from outside of Europe

12:31 28/10/2005
According to the latest review of the Irish labour market, Ireland will need to recruit highly skilled workers from outside of Europe to meet skills shortages in the economy. However, the report by...

Migrant workers work for less in Wales

10:33 27/10/2005
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies says that migrant workers are paid less than local workers in Wales, and that workers from the new EU member states are forced to endure "Dickensian" labor...