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Eastern Europe fears brain drain

14:59 20/02/2006
A special report for the Chicago Tribune looks at the new EU member states, and the new challenges they face as many of their best and brightest young people immigrate to "old Europe" for better...

New Zealand asks its citizens to come home

13:01 15/02/2006
When is the last time you heard about a country aiming an advertising campaign at its own citizens? That's exactly what New Zealand has been doing for the past few months - and it's not just...

UK economy helped by workers from eastern Europe

9:02 09/02/2006
The influx of workers from central and eastern Europe has boosted Britain's economy, relieved skilled shortages and cut unemployment lines, the European Commission says. Britain had reaped the...

More and more Brits choosing Australia

13:24 08/02/2006
More immigrants arrived to settle in Australia in 2005 than in any year since the 1980s. The British led the way, with 21,780 of them leaving last year to settle in Australia. The number of British...

Australia increases working holiday maker visa quota with Hong Kong

9:18 02/02/2006
The quota for the Hong Kong and Australia Working Holiday Scheme will increase from 200 to 1,000 in order to meet increasing demand. The scheme , which began in September 2001, aims to help young...

EU courts rule against Schengen ban

14:30 01/02/2006
Immigration databases blacklisting non-European nationals for security or criminal reasons must be in line with EU freedom of movement law, Europe's courts ruled this week. The European court of...