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Jack Dromey

MPs warn that immigration curbs will hurt UK businesses

15:20 08/07/2011
MPs are warning that recent restrictions on UK immigration could hurt businesses and damage the UK economy. A panel of MPs which include both Labour and Conservative members will publish a paper...

A call for 'regularisation' for some illegal immigrants in the UK

11:32 09/05/2007
• Watch This Video The advocacy organization, Strangers Into Citizens, held a gathering in a rainy Trafalgar Square, London on Monday to try to garner support for many of the illegal immigrants...

UK, majority oppose amnesty for migrants

19:34 06/07/2006
A large majority of UK residents are against offering an amnesty to illegal immigrants, a poll suggests. The YouGov survey for the think-tank MigrationWatch, which campaigns against mass migration,...

Illegal immigrants may be granted amnesty in the UK

13:08 15/06/2006
The Home Office has not ruled out an amnesty for illegal immigrants, despite previously denying one would go ahead. Home Office minister Liam Byrne said it is too early to tell whether he will allow...