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Joe Volpe

Canada to quicken immigration for some affected by quake

11:13 14/10/2005
The Canadian government has announced a number of new measures to quicken the immigration process for family members of Canadian citizens seriously affected by the earthquake. "The Government of...

Canada immigration minister wants major changes

12:43 27/09/2005
Canada's Immigration Minister is pushing for major changes to the country's immigration system, according to government sources. If the changes are accepted, Canada will be bringing in more than 300,...

Fewer Americans immigrating to Canada than expected

14:54 08/08/2005
Although it was originally expected that many Americans would move to Canada after US President George Bush was re-elected, that has not happened. Many Americans visited the Canadian government's...

Canadian employers target skilled German workers

13:20 10/05/2005
Canadian human resources specialists are eager to bring German skilled workers to Canada . They say that many skilled German workers are also interested in migrating to Canada . According to...

Canada needs more skilled immigrants, says minister

9:06 29/04/2005
Canada's future is dependent on immigration, says Canada's Minister for Citizenship and Immigration. Joe Volpe spoke in defence of the country's new Internationally Trained Workers Initiative in a...

Canada makes immigration easier for students and families

13:09 19/04/2005
Canada announced on 18 April several changes to its immigration rules intended to attract talented students, to help families unite and to cut waiting time for approved immigrants. To compete for...