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Joe Volpe

Canada may phase out immigration landing fee

15:24 04/01/2006
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is promising to phase out a hated immigration landing fee he imposed in 1995, his latest effort to gather support for his party among new Canadians. Martin now...

Canada announces $700 mn investment in immigration

9:46 25/11/2005
Joe Volpe, Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Nov. 24 announced the Government of Canada will invest an additional $700 million over five years to make important improvements to the...

Canada invests $920 million in Ontario immigration

15:25 23/11/2005
The Government of Canada will invest an additional $920 million over the next five years in immigration-related issues Ontario. The funding is intended to help more newcomers reach their full...

Canada to reveal major changes to immigration policy

16:43 01/11/2005
Canada is likely to introduce major changes to its immigration policy, including plans to take in as many as 300,000 new immigrants annually within the next five years. The multiyear plan, which was...

Canadian minister wants to make international adoptions easier

19:39 17/10/2005
Foreign-born children adopted by Canadians would be made instant citizens under legislation to be announced by the federal government. Ottawa says the move is about treating adopted children equally...

Canada celebrates citizenship week

15:59 17/10/2005
Dozens of special citizenship ceremonies will be held in communities across Canada from October 17 to 23 as part of the country's Citizenship Week festivities. Close to 1,800 newcomers from all over...