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John Howard

Australia's 457 visa scheme under government inquiry

14:44 15/12/2006
• Watch This Video Australia 's premium skilled foreign-worker visa scheme (commonly referred to as the 457 visa) has caused some controversy this year, and the federal government is now launching a...

Australian Prime Minister defends citizenship test and "mateship"

15:09 12/12/2006
• Watch This Video Prime Minister John Howard is feeling pressured to explain the new Australian citizenship exams proposed by his government. Of current concern is how a potential citizen's "...

Australian citizen test characterized as a threat to society

15:59 19/09/2006
• Watch This Video The Australian Federal Government's plan to tighten citizenship eligibility would dismantle the nation's multicultural society and reintroduce an Australia of the 1950s, according...

Australia photo ID card for benefits due by 2010

18:15 28/08/2006
• Watch This Video In a bid to replace up to 17 separate cards currently required for Medicare benefits, family tax, child-care and unemployment payments, pensions, Austudy and pharmaceutical and...

Australian lawmakers defy Prime Minister over immigration reform

18:27 11/08/2006
Four ruling coalition lawmakers defied Australian leader John Howard on Thursday by rejecting tough new immigration laws, the most serious challenge to the prime minister's authority in his 10 years...

Australian immigration policy - Controversy continues

18:00 09/08/2006
• Watch This Video Three Liberal backbenchers have defied the prime minister and vowed to cross the floor of parliament to vote against the government's new hardline immigration policy. Petro...