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John Howard

Australian MPs may cross the floor over immigration debate

9:41 08/08/2006
Some Australian Members of Parliament may cross the floor over the Federal Government's controversial border protection legislation, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said. During a heated joint...

Australian asylum laws opposed by senate committee

9:43 13/06/2006
• Watch This Video A Senate committee has told Prime Minister John Howard to scrap his planned new immigration laws which would lock women and children in offshore detention centres. The laws have...

Opposition to Australia asylum laws

14:02 25/05/2006
The Age in Australia reports on 24 May the growing controversy about proposed changes to the asylum laws in Australia. Liberal MPs will be meeting Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone next week to...

Australian business entices Indian skilled labour to immigrate

17:13 24/03/2006
Skilled migration to Australia is set to continue as ministers and heads of business travel to India to recruit skilled labour to fill Australia's growing labour market shortage. Twenty Australian...

New Zealand, Australia differ on seasonal workers

10:03 26/10/2005
New Zealand is willing to consider allowing Pacific workers seasonal visas to New Zealand , while Australia has ruled the idea out. New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark in visits to the Solomon...

Australia's head of immigration quits

16:29 11/07/2005
The head of Australia's Immigration Department has resigned, after the release of a report on cases of wrongful detention and deportation. Prime Minister John Howard said he had accepted the...