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Jonathan Portes

UK reports surge in Romanian/Bulgarian immigration

10:38 20/08/2013
The UK's Office for National Statistics has released figures which show that the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK rose by 26% in the second quarter of 2013. There were 141,000...

UK minister blames high house prices on immigration

15:44 18/12/2012
The UK's Home Secretary, Theresa May, gave a speech at the Policy Exchange think tank in central London on 12th December 2012 in which she gave a summary of the progress that the UK's Coalition...

Analysts warn that UK immigration cap will hurt growth

14:14 19/03/2011
Several economists have said that the UK's immigration cap will hurt economic growth in the country and harm Britain's continued recovery from the global financial meltdown of 2008. "Limits on...