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Canadian economy 'will need 350,000 immigrants annually from 2016'

16:12 17/09/2012
A report issued by the Toronto Dominion Bank says that, because the Canadian labour force is ageing, from 2016 Canada will need 350,000 migrants annually to maintain adequate growth in the workforce...

Business NZ urges New Zealand government to do more to attract immigrants

19:01 07/09/2012
Business NZ, a leading pro-business lobby group in New Zealand, says that there are many vacancies in the New Zealand economy that need filling. It has called on the government to do more to attract...

Living Away Allowance for Australian temporary visa holders extended to 1 July 2014

11:44 15/05/2012
The Australian Government this week has announced that employees currently claiming the Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) will be able to continue doing so until 1 July 2014. The government had...

Canada's Federal Skilled Worker occupation cap is filling up - Apply now!

9:23 08/05/2012
Canada 's Federal Skilled Worker visa program is filling up quickly. Those looking to emigrate should consider the Federal Skilled Worker program . This skilled immigration program is for people in a...

Australia sees increase in Working Holiday visa applicants

15:40 04/05/2012
The number of young people wishing to travel and work in Australia on the Working Holiday visa has increased by three percent in 2011, according to figures released by Destination NSW at the...

Large numbers of Irish citizens continue to emigrate for better opportunities

9:05 24/04/2012
High numbers of Irish citizens are continuing to emigrate to other countries, especially Australia, according to official figures. Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship figures show a...