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New hi-tech RFID passports hacked and cloned

18:41 04/08/2006
• Media Center » Video Immigration News A number of countries around the world are introducing technology-enhanced passports designed to prevent or greatly inhibit forgery and counterfeiting. One of...

Huge US Immigrant Rights March

19:46 02/05/2006
On 1 May hundreds of thousands of people in the US marched in support of immigrant rights CNN reports. The organizers of a series of nationwide marches "A day without immigrants" asked those opposing...

US illegal immigration protests attract immigration supporters

18:38 12/01/2006
Illegal immigration protests organized across the US drew small numbers, and some were outnumbered and out-shouted by those who support immigrant rights. The so-called Stop the Invasion protests...

US' illegal immigration border patrols may increase

13:17 30/05/2005
The month-long patrols that monitored illegal immigration in Arizona may soon pop up elsewhere in the US. The organizer of the Minuteman Project -- where nearly 900 volunteers, some of them armed,...