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US immigration announces new I-9 employment eligibility form

12:07 21/03/2013
On March 8th 2013, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a new version of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form which is used by the USCIS for 'verifying the...

Immigration solicitor and others jailed for total 35 years for marriage scam

10:19 25/02/2013
Four London men who worked for the same north London solicitors firm have been jailed for a total of nearly 35 years for their parts in a sham marriage operation during which they organised about 8,...

UK Home Secretary in showdown with immigration lawyers

13:51 22/02/2013
Theresa May, the UK's Home Secretary, has accused the UK courts of shielding dangerous criminals from deportation. She says that immigration judges have been ignoring the will of parliament and that...

UKBA announces new rules on 'good character' and naturalisation

13:10 25/01/2013
On December 13th 2012, The UK Border Agency (UKBA) announced a change to the rules affecting the eligibility of those with criminal convictions and those who owe money to HMRC to become UK citizens...

Canadian immigration sued for 'immoral' termination of visa applications

15:01 24/01/2013
A class action against the Canadian government opened in Ottawa last week. Lawyers for 1,000 people who had applied to emigrate to Canada under the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program are suing...

UK PM pledges to curb access to judicial review in immigration cases

11:07 28/11/2012
David Cameron has announced that the UK government is to reform the 'judicial review' court procedure. This will have a significant effect on thousands of immigration cases. Judicial review is a...