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Mark Harper

UK's chief immigration inspector says e-Borders has 'some way to go'

10:25 15/10/2013
On Wednesday 9th October 2013, the UK's chief inspector of immigration and borders, John Vine, issued a highly critical report about the UK's e-Borders programme. The report says that the programme...

New rules on studying in UK welcomed by English teachers

15:58 11/10/2013
Teachers of English as a foreign language are welcoming changes to the immigration rules announced by the UK's immigration minister last month. On 6th September 2013, Mark Harper issued a statement...

Minister says UK public hold 'toxic' views on immigration

19:37 23/09/2013
The UK's Business Minister Vince Cable has told an audience of activists at the Liberal Democrat Party conference that 'toxic' public opinion in the UK makes it difficult for politicians to make a...

UK immigration acts 'to slow the path to settlement for refugees'

11:03 17/09/2013
The UK's immigration minister Mark Harper has announced that he intends to take steps to 'slow the path to settlement for refugees'. The announcement came in a written ministerial statement released...

UK immigration grants some Afghan interpreters right to settle

19:48 16/09/2013
The UK immigration minister, Mark Harper, has announced a range of changes to the Immigration Rules which should come into force on 1st October 2013. Among the main changes is a decision to allow...

UK immigration announces 'business-friendly' visa changes

14:30 16/09/2013
The UK's immigration minister, Mark Harper, has announced changes to the UK's immigration rules designed to make the UK more attractive as a destination for international businesses. He also...