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French proposal on immigration divides EU

13:38 03/10/2006
• Watch This Video A French proposal to ban massive amnesties to illegal immigrants divided the European Union Sept. 30 in Madrid, where foreign and interior ministers from eight Mediterranean...

EU Ministers to discuss illegal immigration solution

15:05 02/10/2006
• Watch This Video Illegal immigration continues to be a sore spot in relations between EU member states as ministers from southern Europe prepare to meet for a brainstorming session on the topic...

Spain arrests fairground migrants

10:16 09/08/2006
Police in Spain's Ceuta enclave in North Africa have arrested 383 migrants who tried to enter Spain by hiding in fairground attractions. The migrants - mostly Moroccans - wanted to reach the Spanish...

EU to invest in development of Africa to slow immigration

12:23 18/07/2006
In the past months there has been a surge of illegal immigrants attempting to leave Africa and enter the EU . While the problem has been on-going for several years, as the EEA begins to heat up and...

EU and Africa meet to discuss migration problems

14:22 10/07/2006
Almost 60 European and African countries met July 10 in Rabat, Morocco for a major conference on immigration, following a radical rise of illegal migrants flowing to the EU from the south. European...

EU to offer aid to Africa to take back migrants

16:34 06/07/2006
The European Union will push African states to take back illegal migrants but also offer economic help, the EU's top immigration official said July 5. "We want readmission agreements. Although we are...