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Migration Advisory Committee

New UK shortage occupation list for Tier 2 Visas

14:46 12/11/2009
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published proposals for a revised shortage occupation list on 21 October 2009. These proposals have been accepted in full by the UK Government. The changes from...

Additions to UK shortage occupation list under Tier 2 Likely

13:24 22/10/2009
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has made further recommendations for additions to the shortage occupation list. The MAC feels that Teachers in special schools and skilled meat boners and...

New Requirements for UK Tier 2 Visas

19:55 08/09/2009
The UK Government has announced that from next year there will be tougher requirements to come under Tier 2 of the points based system . This follows recent recommendations by the Migration Advisory...

UK Tier 2 Report by Migration Advisory Committee

13:01 26/08/2009
On 19 August 2009 the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) reported into the workings of Tier 2 of the UK's immigration Points Based System (PBS) . The reports says that immigration plays an important...

New requirements under UK points based system

16:20 23/02/2009
Due to the economic situation in the UK Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary has announced changes which will make it more difficult to comer under the points based system . From 1 April the Government...

Immigrants needed in the UK

19:58 14/01/2009
The government's Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill is due to be published this Thursday. The institute for public policy research (ippr), says that if it is more difficult for migrants to...