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Monash University

Australian-style UK visa points-based system by end of 2020

23:23 23/01/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: There are a number of problems with the current UK visa system. This is despite the system having been developed over a number of years, with plenty of time for improvements to be...

Western Australia unable to attract skilled immigration visa holders

16:48 17/11/2011
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship released new figures showing a significant decline in the number of migrants settling in Western Australia. The data further reveals the major...

More skilled immigration proposed for Australia

16:12 27/03/2006
Australian immigration could be accepting up to 180,000 migrants within two years. This would be the highest intake since the late 1960's. Big business in Australia is putting pressure on the...

Australia's skilled immigration policy criticised

12:22 10/01/2006
Enrolment in Australian university computer courses has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years, and immigration critics are saying it's because too many skilled migrant visas have been issued to...

Immigration prevents "brain drain" in Australia

12:16 28/06/2005
A new study argues that Australia is not suffering a so-called "brain drain," when a country loses many of its skilled workers. The Monash University study found high immigration and the return of...