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North American Free Trade Agreement

US E-3 work visa for Australian Skilled Professionals option

12:02 11/06/2016
Sanwar Ali, Editor of News has the following comments to make: Australian professionals with a bachelors degree or equivalent find it easier to work in the United States than nationals...

H-1B visa cap reached near the beginning of April says US Immigration

12:10 15/04/2015
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) has announced that the H-1B visa quota for the 2016 fiscal year (October 1 2015 – September 30, 2016) has been reached, inclusive of the 20,000 granted...

Canada and the US announce new border agreement

18:08 08/12/2011
The United States and Canada announced this week plans for a joint border protection and trade deal. The goal is to develop common practices to screen travellers and cargo, with both countries...

Canada introduces 3-year renewable work permits for NAFTA professionals

10:23 16/12/2008
Canada 's Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney has announced the introduction of 3-year renewable work permits for professionals seeking to enter the country under...