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Northern Australia

Australian Working Holiday Maker Visa Row due to Staffing Shortage

18:00 15/01/2016
Friction between Australia's Federal Government and the country's tourism industry about the working holiday maker visa is due to a serious staff shortage currently affecting businesses. Business...

Northern Australia needs more working holiday visa holders

18:43 05/12/2015
The Northern Territory in Australia is experiencing a shortage of hospitality workers, resulting in businesses struggling to recruit staff and business closures. Demand for overseas nationals with...

Northern Territory government says skilled migrants in Australia will help mining sector

17:21 24/05/2011
The Treasurer of the Northern Territory government said that she welcomes Australia's plans for a 16,300 increase in skilled immigration . "While we are working to train our own workforce, we have...

Australian mining industry continues to push for more immigration

16:06 07/12/2010
Australia's mining industry is pushing for more immigration as unemployment rates fall across the country. They state that more skilled immigration is crucial to support the planned $140 billion in...