Northern Territory government says skilled migrants in Australia will help mining sector

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The Treasurer of the Northern Territory government said that she welcomes Australia's plans for a 16,300 increase in skilled immigration.

"While we are working to train our own workforce, we have also lobbied the federal government to attract migrant workers to fill skills gaps for major resource projects across northern Australia," said NT treasurer Delia Lawrie.

Australia is expected to need thousands more workers to fill key jobs in the resources sector as the Australian economy heats up. While Australia like many Countries was affected by the global financial Crisis in 2008, it was not as badly affected as most Western Countries. Australia is now experiencing low unemployment and a shortage of qualified Workers. Australia has benefitted from continuing economic growth in the Asia/Pacific region.

The Australian government is making it easier for Australian businesses to bring in skilled workers. Recently Australian immigration has decided to make it easier for the resources sector to recruit from abroad.

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