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Ontario advisory body recommends increase in immigration

12:42 15/10/2012
The Ontario Expert Round Table on Immigration, a committee established to advise the Ontario provincial government on immigration policy, has issued a report saying that Ontario should increase its...

Ontario immigration office closure affecting employers and students

17:45 26/07/2012
Sudbury, Ontario MP Glenn Thibeault believes the closure of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in Sudbury this spring is making it harder for mining companies to deal with the severe...

Language and employment biggest barriers for new Canadian immigrants

15:52 25/07/2012
A new study has shown that the biggest concern for new immigrants and refugees settling in Ontario are finding employment and making sure that they have suitable language skills. Immigrants have...

Ontario to create its own immigration strategy

16:12 07/03/2012
Ontario is in the process of developing its first-ever immigration strategy to compete for immigrants against other Canadian provinces. Last Friday, Immigration Minister Charles Sousa announced the...

Canadian Immigration's Provincial Nominee Program is successful for immigrants

18:54 31/01/2012
A new report has found that Canadian Immigration's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has been successful in attracting immigrants to Canada's provinces and territories. The PNP, after the Federal...

New Immigration Group created to welcome immigrants and refugees to Canada

19:36 19/01/2012
A new immigration group was launched in Canada last week comprising of local service providers, health care representatives, business people and politicians. The new Immigration Partnership Council...