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Canadian Tourism Commission encourages Indians to visit Canada

17:42 05/01/2012
Canada 's tourism marketing and promotion agency, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), will hold a road show to encourage Indians to travel to Canada. The road show, called 'Focus Canada – India',...

Canada announces increase in immigration settlement funding

18:18 29/11/2011
Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced last week that federal funding of immigrant settlement services in most Canadian provinces and territories will be increased for the 2012-2013...

Canada to accept record number of skilled migrants

11:42 27/07/2011
Canada is set to accept a record number of skilled migrants under Provincial Nominee Programs . Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says that his government recognizes the importance of nominee...

Canada pledges millions to help skilled migrants in Ontario

17:40 08/04/2011
The Canadian government is providing CAD $22 million to help skilled immigrants in Ontario find work. The Bridge Training program helps skilled migrants enter the Canadian workforce and find...

'Brain gain' pilot project launched in Ontario

11:25 31/01/2011
Non Canadian family members of Canadians in the education and health sector will be able to start work on arrival in Ontario; Instead of waiting in some cases for a year there will be immediate work...

Canada immigration helps immigrant children integrate into society

16:10 19/11/2010
The Canadian government is investing more than $1.6 million to help immigrant children and their families in London, Ontario. The Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program provides immigrant...