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French proposal on immigration divides EU

13:38 03/10/2006
• Watch This Video A French proposal to ban massive amnesties to illegal immigrants divided the European Union Sept. 30 in Madrid, where foreign and interior ministers from eight Mediterranean...

Sarkozy EU visit highlights rifts over immigration

18:28 11/09/2006
• Watch This Video French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has criticized Spanish and Italian policies to regularize illegal immigrants, highlighting EU division over immigration on the same day as...

France announces amnesty plans for thousands of families

11:34 07/07/2006
• Watch This Video Last week the French Parliament passed legislation into law to overhaul immigration policy. Most of the new rules make obtaining a visa or work permit much more difficult, and it...

France may tighten immigration rules

18:12 03/05/2006
The French parliament is set to discuss the approval of a new immigration bill which would make it harder for foreigners to work in France. The proposals, drawn up by French Interior Minister Nicolas...

France introduces draft immigration law

12:03 09/01/2006
A new draft immigration law in France, which was put forward by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and is expected to be debated by parliament soon, calls for placing new requirements on foreign...

Second fire in Paris kills more African immigrants

10:01 30/08/2005
Seven people have died in a fire in a building housing African immigrants in Paris, officials say, four days after a similar fire killed 17 people. Last week's deadly fire - also in a building used...