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Philip Ruddock

Australia intercepts illegal immigrants, denies entry

14:51 23/02/2007
According to a recent press release, on 19 February 2007, the Australian government intercepted a boat containing 85 men trying to illegally enter the country. The boat was spotted about 50 nautical...

10-year-old sues Australian Immigration Department

12:45 31/08/2005
A 10-year-old Iranian boy took legal action against the Australian government on 30 August. His lawyers say he was psychologically hurt by living in immigration detention camps. Shayan Badraie is... Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 3

16:32 21/01/2004
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Suspension of Priority Processing for IT Professionals in Australia

15:47 16/07/2002
The Immigration Minister of Australia, Philip Ruddock, recently announced that priority visa processing arrangements for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers would be suspended...