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Priti Patel Home Secretary statement in House - UK visas is part of the Home Office

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UK visa unaffordable costs leave families without documents

22:31 23/07/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : There are numerous complaints about a bad service and excessive fees . It has been suggested that the situation has become even worse after Sopra Steria was appointed to...

US Immigration | Construction Workers Needed

13:26 12/02/2016
Employers across the US construction sector are trying hard to retain foreign-born workers with US citizenship schemes and other incentives. Thomas Williams, 58, who works for Dallas roofing Company...

UK speeds up issuing of national identity cards

13:04 28/09/2009
The UK Border Agency announced that it will start issuing national identity cards after the new year to Tier 2 skilled migrants, three months ahead of schedule. Theissuing of cards will also be...