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UK tourist visas will allow entry to Ireland for nationals of 14 countries

14:35 17/05/2011
Starting on 1 July 2011 and continuing until October 2012, a UK tourist visa will allow entry to Ireland for nationals of India and China, as well as for nationals of 12 other countries in Eastern... 2011 Representative Programme

17:25 17/02/2011 has been in the immigration consultancy business since 1988 (formerly BCL Immigration Services) and is one of the most popular immigration related sites in the World. Following growth...

Bulgaria to benefit from EU Blue Card

11:27 08/02/2011
Starting on 1 June 2011, highly skilled workers from outside the European Union can apply to work in Bulgaria under the EU Blue Card scheme. The blue card would allow a skilled worker with a job...

Russia unhappy with Canadian visa regime

19:48 26/01/2011
A Russian diplomat in Canada has voiced his concerns about Canada's strict visa regime for Russian citizens. "We believe that it should be the procedure of all countries to make the movement of...

Russia to relax highly skilled visa rules

13:40 28/12/2010
Under new rules signed by President Medvedev, Russia will make it easier for skilled foreign workers to maintain their registration status if they leave their place of residency for more than three...

Russian proposals to make it easier for families of skilled worker immigrants

16:44 01/11/2010
Foreign specialists living in Russia may soon find it easier to bring in their families if a new immigration bill passes into law. If the changes go ahead Employers will find it easier to hire the...