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South Korea

Australia and New Zealand lead in education immigration initiatives

16:28 27/09/2006
Australia and New Zealand are the current world leaders in reforming their university programs from subsidizing foreign students to recruiting students who pay full fees. This is generating a surplus...

Immigration fails to stem European population loss

10:00 21/08/2006
• Watch This Video Three million people a year migrate from developing countries to industrialized nations, a population research group said today as it announced its annual findings. Almost half of...

Immigrant Nurses in High Demand in Western Countries

12:05 10/05/2006
An acute nursing shortage in Western nations continues to worsen as the population's age. Foreign-educated nurses emigrating to meet this demand are commanding premium salaries and priority visa...

The US to recruit 10,000 South Korean nurses

13:21 18/04/2006
To ease the nursing shortage in the US , New York's St John's Riverside Hospital, which operates a nursing school and supplies nurses to 100 hospitals, has arranged for Korean nurses to come to the...

Fewer South Koreans choosing to immigrate

9:13 06/03/2006
Fewer South Koreans are choosing to immigrate from South Korea, due mainly to the country's economic development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said on March 6. A total of 8,277 citizens...

EU wants visa-free travel for all its members to US

19:46 09/02/2006
The European Union and several eastern European countries are calling on Washington to allow visa-free travel to the US from all EU countries, warning on Feb. 8 that the issue is festering and could...