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South Korea

US Green Card Lottery: less than two weeks left

12:31 26/10/2011
If you are one of the lucky winners the US Green Card Lottery is an easy way for you and your family to gain US permanent residence. You only have until 5 November 2011 to apply for the Green Card...

US Green Card Lottery ends 5 November 2011

13:38 19/10/2011
55,000 US immigrant visas are available under the Green Card Lottery . You only have a few more weeks to apply. The entry period ends at 12 pm Eastern Time on 5 November. Selection is made randomly...

Apply for the Green Card Lottery now!

19:00 05/10/2011
The United States has begun accepting applications for the DV-2013 Green Card Lottery . Applications will continue to be accepted until 5 November 2011. Each year, the United States makes 55,000...

Easier Australian student visa requirements for Indians

12:25 30/04/2011
The Australian government has reduced visa assessment levels for students from 38 countries, including India, whose students make up a large percentage of Australia's foreign student population. The...

Australia lowers barrier for entry for foreign students

12:31 08/04/2011
Australia will lower the barriers for entry for many people who with to obtain student visas . The student visa assessment level for 38 countries will be lowered across one or more visa subclasses as...

US naturalization ceremony for sailors in Pacific

10:56 23/10/2009
On 19 October 2009 USCIS Bangkok District Deputy Director Stacy Strong and Seoul Field Office Director Kenneth Sherman visited the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to enable nine sailors to...