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South Korea

EU wants visa-free travel for all its members to US

19:46 09/02/2006
The European Union and several eastern European countries are calling on Washington to allow visa-free travel to the US from all EU countries, warning on Feb. 8 that the issue is festering and could...

New Zealand immigrants increasingly from the UK

13:46 03/01/2006
The proportion of immigrants to New Zealand coming from the United Kingdom has more than doubled over the past three years, according to new statistics. The report Migration Trends shows that 31 per...

New Zealand wants more Chinese students

10:42 15/11/2005
New Zealand's new Foreign Minister Winston Peters, who is known as an opponent of immigration, says he wants to encourage more Chinese students to study English in New Zealand. Mr Peters, making his...

New immigration rules for UK visitors of more than six months

18:40 09/11/2005
From 13 November 2005, all nationals from non-EEA member states as listed below who wish to come to the UK for more than six months will need to obtain an entry clearance from a British diplomatic...

Canadian minister wants to make international adoptions easier

19:39 17/10/2005
Foreign-born children adopted by Canadians would be made instant citizens under legislation to be announced by the federal government. Ottawa says the move is about treating adopted children equally...

Debate over US H-1B visa continues

19:10 18/08/2005
As reported this week, the US government has filled its allotment of 65,000 H-1B visas for the fiscal year 2006 and is not accepting new applications. Representativesof the high tech...