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Rural Australia attracting immigrants

11:57 30/01/2006
John Dal Broi pauses to count the nationalities of the 100 workers employed at his family winery in Griffith, southern New South Wales (NSW). "We employ a lot of Indians, a lot of Turks, Afghans. We...

Australia continues searching world for skilled migrants

18:11 23/01/2006
From the small town of Toowoomba near Australia's Gold Coast, Dennis Davey is searching the world for people to work in his 200-person engineering company. The Los Angeles Times reports. He has...

Will increased migration make Australia wealthier?

10:56 17/01/2006
Increasing skilled immigration will create a more powerful economy in Australia and make people richer on average, the Government's leading agency for economic analysis says. In a report entitled...

Australia attracting offshore jobs home

18:30 10/01/2006
With cheaper office rents than Mumbai (Bombay) and cheaper accountants than London, Australia could reverse the trend of jobs flooding offshore. Australia is in a strong position to benefit from the...

Immigration in Australia reaches 15 year high

10:22 02/01/2006
Australia welcomed 123,424 new immigrants in 2004-2005, the highest number in more than 15 years. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said the number of immigrants each year is up about 40 percent...

Study finds what migrants think of Australia

10:15 15/12/2005
With racial tensions rising around the nation, timely new research looks at what migrants truly think of Australia and Australians, and vice versa. The report, by Adelaide University, has been...