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Tony McNulty

Malawians now need UK visitor visas

13:12 03/03/2006
Nationals of the African nation of Malawi need visas to visit Britain as of March 1, 2006, the UK government said. Home Office minister Tony McNulty said visas are being introduced because of a...

UK sees slow down in workers from eastern Europe

18:15 01/03/2006
Nearly 350,000 jobseekers mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia have come to Britain since the EU's enlargement in 2004, a UK government report published on 28 February reveals. Towards the end...

UK offers asylum seekers money to return home

11:58 16/01/2006
The British government is to offer some asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants more cash to leave the country. The offer, of up to 2000 GPB ($3,500) per person, would run until the end of June and...

Asylum applications to UK down by 21% from last year

9:49 24/08/2005
The number of asylum applications to the UK has dropped, but the UK government said it is not removing failed applicants from the country fast enough. There were 6,220 asylum applications to Britain...

UK immigration: public opinion needed

19:19 21/07/2005
The UK public is being consulted about a new, proposed immigration system. Legislation going through Parliament will create a points-based entry system with five "tiers" of immigration. The "tiers",...

UK new immigration bill published

15:24 27/06/2005
The UK government's new immigration bill released last week does not include a points system for immigration. Although ministers want a points system for economic migrants that would grant visas on...