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US consulate

US Consulate General in Nigeria processes US visa applications faster

11:55 07/02/2012
The US Consulate General in Nigeria has announced that Nigerian applicants applying for US visas in Lagos, Nigeria will benefit from shorter visa processing times. According to US Consular Chief Carl...

US Consulate increases US visa processing facilities in Shanghai

9:07 02/01/2012
The US Consulate General in Shanghai is increasing in size in order to deal with the rapidly increasing number of US visa applications it processes. In 2011, US consular officers in China had...

Indians with 20 year passports may obtain US visit visas

12:56 02/05/2005
The United States has recently clarified that it will grant US visit visas to Indian nationals who have passports with a validity period of 20 years. The Indian media had reported previously that the...