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US Department of State

US Visa System almost fully operational

11:45 01/07/2015
The US Department of State issued a press release on 29 June with an update on the US Visa System failures. According to the release, published online at, all visa-issuing embassies...

Infosys pays $34m to US immigration but denies visa abuse

10:33 06/11/2013
The Indian IT outsourcing giant Infosys has agreed to pay $34m in settlement of a case brought against it by the US Department of State, US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of...

Russia and US ease visa rules

16:25 08/08/2012
Last month the Russian State Duma eased visa rules for US Citizens and, similarly, the US did the same for Russian citizens. The State Duma is a part of the Russian Parliament which proposes new laws...

US announces interview waiver program for Indians

9:07 09/07/2012
In order to attract more Indian tourists, the US has announced that eligible visa applicants will be able to apply for a US visa without being interviewed in person. "US Department of State has...

US July visa bulletin – Apply for EB-2 visa application by 29 June!

15:57 20/06/2012
If you have an US EB-2 employment based petition with a priority date later than 1 January 2009 and are not from China or India then you should file your adjustment of status visa application or...

US EB2 visa cut off date moved back to August 2007 for Indian and Chinese

19:57 17/04/2012
As expected, the US Department of State (DOS) has confirmed that employment based EB2 visas priority date have retrogressed and moved back to 15 August 2007, from May 01, 2010 for Indian and Chinese...