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US Department of State

Update on US E-3 visa for Australians

12:50 16/08/2005
In July 2005, the US Department of State (DOS) announced that the target start date for the E-3 visa , designed exclusively for Australians, would be early August 2005. However, the start date has...

US Department of State Visa Bulletin for Sept. 2005

12:41 12/08/2005
VISA BULLETIN FOR SEPTEMBER 2005 IMMIGRANT NUMBERS FOR SEPTEMBER 2005 A. STATUTORY NUMBERS 1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during September. Consular officers are...

US Green Card Lottery - Electronic Filing Only

17:46 25/08/2003
Full details of the US Green Card Lottery DV 2005 have just beenannounced. The Lottery is designed to increase the diversity ofimmigrants to the US by only allowing entrants for the Lottery from"...