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US government

Send your Green Card lottery applications today!

12:52 02/12/2005
If you are planning to submit a Green Card Lottery/Diversity Immigrant Visa Program 2007 application to please do so by noon GMT, Friday, Dec. 2 2005. Otherwise, we will not have time...

US lawmakers consider increasing H1B visa quota

14:59 24/10/2005
The US government would issue 30,000 more H-1B visas to high-tech and other skilled foreign workers each year and increase fees for those visas under a measure proposed by a Senate committee. The...

US government increases immigration fees

18:00 27/09/2005
Application fees for immigration to the US will go up after 26 Oct. The fee increase was published in 26 Sept.'s edition of the Federal Register by Citizenship and Immigration Services, a division of...

Reminder: some US H-1B visas still available

11:41 29/08/2005
As reported on 15 August 2005, the US's annual H-1B visa limit for the 2006 fiscal year has been met. However, we would like to remind you that graduates of U.S. masters degree or...

Debate over US H-1B visa continues

19:10 18/08/2005
As reported this week, the US government has filled its allotment of 65,000 H-1B visas for the fiscal year 2006 and is not accepting new applications. Representativesof the high tech...

US government offers new guide for immigrants

19:30 10/08/2005
Pay your taxes, carry your green card all the time and do not engage in serious crimes like murder, rape and terrorism. This is some of the wisdom given to new immigrants by the US Citizenship and...