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US government

New guest worker category introduced to US legislators

12:51 04/08/2005
New proposed legislation in the US introduces a "guest worker" visa category that would allow foreign professionals to take up temporary jobs in the US which cannot be filled from within the country...

US government considers immigration reform legislation

18:58 28/07/2005
Two of the United States Senate's most important politicians have urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass immigration reform legislation. Their Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (SAOIA...

US work visa opens door to short-term jobs

12:53 11/07/2005
Last week, a report was released claiming that the H-2B work visa fuelled illegal immigration in the United States. This week, brings you the US Department of Labor's positive look at...

US announces changes regard V status extensions

15:14 18/05/2005
The US government announced 16 May that valid V-2 and V-3 status holders will no longer "age out" of V-2 or V-3 status. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will now approve extension of...

US offers instructions for Eastern Europe on visa-free travel

15:59 17/05/2005
The US government has offered a "road map," or a set of instructions, on how Eastern European countries can gain visa-free travel to the US , like their Western European counterparts. US officials...

US creates special E-3 work visa for Australian citizens

12:07 11/05/2005
The United States Congress on 10 May approved major changes to its immigration law, creating a special E-3 visa for Australian citizens only. There will be 10,500 such visas available, allowing...