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US government

US announces changes regard V status extensions

15:14 18/05/2005
The US government announced 16 May that valid V-2 and V-3 status holders will no longer "age out" of V-2 or V-3 status. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will now approve extension of...

US offers instructions for Eastern Europe on visa-free travel

15:59 17/05/2005
The US government has offered a "road map," or a set of instructions, on how Eastern European countries can gain visa-free travel to the US , like their Western European counterparts. US officials...

US creates special E-3 work visa for Australian citizens

12:07 11/05/2005
The United States Congress on 10 May approved major changes to its immigration law, creating a special E-3 visa for Australian citizens only. There will be 10,500 such visas available, allowing...

US companies want more visas for unskilled foreign workers

15:19 02/05/2005
Small-business owners in the US who rely on international workers say they need more H2B visas to be available for foreign workers. The US government offered 66,000 visas under the H2B program, but...

US grants ten percent of requested visas in India

11:17 18/04/2005
Some 500,000 Indians aspire to visit the United States every year, but the American government issues only about 55,000 visas , the Times of India reported on 15 April. This is due to lack of...

Green card backlogs still choking US immigration

12:26 28/01/2005
Despite US Government promises to speed things up, thousands of people are still waiting for US immigration visas, often for years, reports the newspaper USA Today. By some estimates there are over...