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Air China Passengers can transit to US through Vancouver without Canadian Visa

16:50 29/02/2012
The Canadian government has announced that passengers with US Visas on Air China flights with connecting flights to the US via Vancouver no longer have to have transit visas. On 1 February 2012...

More Indians immigrating to Canada as skilled workers and students

10:32 09/02/2012
Canada is a very popular destination for Indian immigrants. An increasing number of Indians are immigrating to Canada to attend university and work in skilled professions . Many emigrate to Canada...

Indian immigrants celebrate Indian Republic Day

19:20 26/01/2012
India with over 1 billion people and the second most populous country in the world has been an independent state for 62 years. Indians in India and around the World will be celebrating Indian...

Canadian government announces faster travel to US for Nexus card holders

15:00 30/12/2011
Following the Beyond the Border announcement made by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama earlier this month, flying to the US from Canada will soon become faster and...

Canada holds consultation on immigration levels

15:02 04/09/2011
Canada is holding an online consultation on appropriate levels of immigration, announced Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)...

Canada to accept record number of skilled migrants

11:42 27/07/2011
Canada is set to accept a record number of skilled migrants under Provincial Nominee Programs . Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says that his government recognizes the importance of nominee...