Canada to discuss immigration future with public and stakeholders

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) Parliamentary Secretaries Chungsen Leung and Rick Dykstra have begun a series of consultations on Canada's immigration issues. The two Parliamentary Secretaries will meet with stakeholders and the public to discuss the appropriate level of immigration for Canada in the coming years.

Meetings will take place in Toronto, Windsor, Vancouver, Halifax, and Ottawa. Additionally, online consultations are open to the public and stakeholders for input.

CIC said the purpose of the consultations is to get feedback on Canadian immigration issues, including the appropriate level of immigration for the country, and the ideal number of immigrants allowed entry in the economic, family, and refugee and humanitarian classes.

"Discussions with the Parliamentary Secretaries will also touch on CIC's transition towards a faster and more flexible immigration system, as well as the growing importance of immigration to Canada's economic growth and long-term prosperity," said a CIC press release. "In planning for the total number of people to admit as permanent residents, CIC must not only balance the Government of Canada's immigration objectives, but also consider broader government commitments, input from provinces and territories, and current and future economic conditions."

They also noted that the department must also take into account their operational ability to process visa applications in a timely manner and the capacity of communities to welcome new immigrants.

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