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Asia tops Europe in Victoria, Australia migration boom

14:11 27/12/2005
Immigrants from Asia are leading a migration boom to Australia's Victoria, figures show. Almost half of the 30,581 migrants who made Victoria their home in 2004-05 were born in Asian nations. India...

Australian island of Tasmania desperate for tradespeople

18:10 12/12/2005
There are concerns young Tasmanians are shunning traineeships and apprenticeships because they are not deemed to have the status of a university education. Tasmania is an Australian island located...

Britons migrating to Australia happy with house prices

11:13 24/11/2005
Australia is crying out for immigrants to bring their skills. That's good news for Britons, who will be pleasantly surprised by house prices in cities such as Melbourne. Catherine Moye of the...

Australia's rural areas want Indian immigrants

13:06 09/09/2005
Troubled by skilled worker shortage, officials from Australia's country towns or rural areas are reportedly touring India to entice immigrants. The city council of Victorian town Ballarat recently...

Australia taking higher numbers of skilled immigrants

9:21 27/07/2005
The number of Australia's skilled workers has increased by almost 78,000 in the past year in an effort to solve the country's skills shortage. This is the largest intake of skilled migrants since the...

Measures will stimulate immigration to regional Australia

13:41 23/02/2005
The Australian authorities hope to attract skilled immigrants to non-metropolitan areas under a new initiative by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA). A...