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Applications for UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas become tougher

14:56 04/09/2015
It has become increasingly difficult to enter the UK under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa category. The current rejection rate for applications is about 70%. The reason for the high rejection rate is...

US L-1B visa Memorandum comes into effect on 31 August 2015

11:41 24/08/2015
The L-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa for entry of 'specialized knowledge staff'. It is valid initially for a period of up to three years and may be extended for a total period of five years. After...

US Visa System almost fully operational

11:45 01/07/2015
The US Department of State issued a press release on 29 June with an update on the US Visa System failures. According to the release, published online at, all visa-issuing embassies...

New UK Visa system for Chinese visitors announced by Home Secretary

11:09 30/06/2015
UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, hopes to boost the number of Chinese visitors coming to Britain by introducing a new UK visa scheme. The scheme will enable Chinese nationals, for the first time ever...

Scottish Group to pursue reintroduction of Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa

15:10 22/06/2015
Having won 56 seats during the UK election in May, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has become the third-largest political party in the House of Commons. The party is now lobbying the UK government...

UK Tier 2 Visa Limit Reached for First Time

14:52 20/06/2015
The monthly limit on Tier 2 visas was reached for the first time this month, prompting harsh criticism of the visa cap from business and immigration experts. Tier 2 (General) visa for skilled...