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Civil Unions begin in UK

18:08 16/12/2005
Hundreds of same-sex couples in the United Kingdom have flocked to government offices to file for civil partnerships in the last week. Thomas Bauer said he mentioned in the barbershop that he had...

UK gay couples apply to wed, civil partnership law takes effect

13:11 06/12/2005
Gay couples across the UK are set to form civil partnerships in the next months as the law is changed to allow same-sex marriages. Changes to UK law will allow gay couples to register for legal...

Migrant workers work for less in Wales

10:33 27/10/2005
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies says that migrant workers are paid less than local workers in Wales, and that workers from the new EU member states are forced to endure "Dickensian" labor...

UK helps refugee doctors work in the health system

12:06 19/09/2005
A government plan to help refugee doctors who come to Wales work in the UK health care system (called NHS) has been called a success by Social Justice Minister Edwina Hart. The Welsh Assembly...

Scotland's Fresh Talent plan angers English universities

14:56 15/08/2005
Some English colleges and universities are upset about the success of Scotland's Fresh Talent Initiative . Higher education institutions in England believe the Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent...

UK to start regional skills lists for skilled immigration

13:08 19/05/2005
Under new plans agreed by the Home Office, every region in the UK will be able to publish a list of skills in short supply and it is up to the governing body in each region to decide on the contents...