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World Bank

New Zealand economic and skills statistics published

17:37 13/06/2006
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) has released the statistics for the first quarter of 2006. Generally, the aggressive program to recruit skilled workers and issue visas and work...

Record numbers of Britons leave for better lives abroad

10:35 20/02/2006
Record numbers of people are leaving Britain to live and work abroad, figures show. More than 350,000 men and women are emigrating every year, a rise of 30 per cent in 10 years, The Independent...

Australia attracting other islands' best and brightest

12:43 21/11/2005
Australia's immigration policy of luring professionals and skilled workers from poorer countries could be damaging the countries they leave behind, by attracting their doctors, nurses, nation-...

Survey finds educated workers leave poor nations

17:24 25/10/2005
Poor countries across Africa, Central America and the Caribbean are losing sometimes staggering numbers of their college-educated workers to wealthy, industrialized democracies, according to a World...