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World Bank

Canada a Top Four Country for Attracting Highly Skilled Immigrants

4:56 26/11/2016
New research published by the World Bank – an international financial institution that provides loans to developing Countries – has listed Canada as one of the top four immigration destination...

The new center of Call-Centers – the Philippines

10:05 26/09/2014
By 2016, the income generated from Call-Centers in the Philippines may exceed the income from remittances by expatriate workers to the Philippines; for decades this has been the single largest source...

Groups urge governments to provide better migrant worker protection

18:54 19/04/2012
International immigrants rights groups have called on labor ministers of 19 Asian and Middle Eastern countries to push for further protections for migrant workers. Specifically, they urged local...

Indians continue to emigrate for better work opportunities and study

17:41 15/11/2011
India has the second highest number of emigrants in the world, with 2010 seeing 11.4 million Indians moving abroad. Indians leave typically to work in higher paid jobs abroad and to study abroad...

Female migration increasing around the world

18:48 27/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News A new World Bank report issued on 26 November 2007 states that women comprise almost exactly half of the worlds immigrants, and that number is increasing. "The...

Economic growth, skills shortages remain strong in new EU states

9:16 28/09/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Despite recent global financial market turbulence, economic growth in the new European Union member states remains high, according to the World Bank's EU8+2...