UK Sponsor Licence: Application & Basic Requirements Guide

By Sanwar Ali:

We also have a more detailed sponsor licence guide.

1. Introduction

a. Understanding Sponsor Licences
b. Purpose and Scope of Sponsor Licences

2. The Basic Requirements for Sponsor Licences

a. Eligibility Criteria for UK Employers
b. Type of Work Visa Schemes Available
c. The Duration and Benefits of a Sponsor Licence

3. The Application Process for Sponsor Licences

a. Initial Considerations Before Applying
b. The Role of Trading in the UK
c. The Importance of Having Established Presence in the UK

d. Understanding Exceptions: Expansion Worker Sponsor Licences

4. Roles in Sponsor Licence Management

a. Understanding the Three Key Sponsor Management Roles
b. The Requirements for the Level 1 User Role
c. The Role of the Authorising Officer and Key Contact
d. Understanding Exceptions: Expansion Worker Sponsor Licences

5. The Role of Residency and Citizenship in Sponsor Licences

a. How Residency Affects Sponsor Management Roles
b. The Impact of Citizenship on Sponsor Licences

6. Special Considerations for New Businesses

a. The Challenges of Obtaining a Sponsor Licence for New Businesses
b. The Role of Additional Documentation in the Application Process
c. The Advantages for Longer Established Businesses

7. Conclusion

a. Recap of the Sponsor Licence Basic Requirements and Application
b. The Role of the Sponsor Licence in Global Business Mobility

How Can Help with Sponsor Licences

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