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UK Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Update March 2020

UK Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Update March 2020

Hello and welcome to’s Tier 2 Sponsor Licence update for March 2020.  I’m Sanwar Ali is a highly influential visa services business and is one of the most popular visa related sites in the World. Millions of people a year visit a site. Our news reports appear as top news stories in google search around the World.

As expected, it seems that there will be an expansion of the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence and Tier 2 visa system in 2021.  Unless there is a delay in the Brexit transitional period more employers will need a Sponsor Licence in 2021.  Newly arriving EU citizens will need to come under the expensive, complicated and bureaucratic UK visa system.

UK Tier 2 Sponsor Licence System to continue

There seems to be no indication that the system will be made any easier.  It is confusing and complicated applying for a Sponsor Licence.  Sponsor Licences can be refused for very minor reasons.  Sometimes Sponsor Licences are revoked for no good reason.  The Government is encouraging more employers to apply under the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence system.

Resident Labour Market Test no longer required

The resident labour market test will no longer required under the new points system, which is helpful in some cases.   Since 6 October 2019 far more occupations come under the Shortage Occupation List anyway, and so this is less of a significant change than would otherwise be the case. 

Lower skilled work and low skilled worker

The level of skills required will be lower under the new points based system.   You will need to have a job that requires Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 3 skills which is approximately equivalent to secondary school, instead of RQF Level 6 skills which is equivalent to a degree level job.  Many workers are needed at lower skills levels than this.  The Government just expects employers somehow to find people for the low skilled level jobs.

End of Tier 2 visa quota

There will be an end to the Tier 2 visa quota to employ people who need to apply from abroad. The main difference is likely to be a faster and less bureaucratic system (we hope!).   The current restricted CoS quota system means employers need to apply once a month for CoSs.  If you miss this deadline it could delay a Tier 2 visa application by about a month. can help

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