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US E2 Visa January Update 2020 by Sanwar Ali

US E2 Visa Update January 2020 by Sanwar Ali

Hello and welcome to’s E2 visa update for January 2020.  I’m Sanwar Ali is a highly influential visa services business and is one of the most popular visa related sites in the World. Millions of people a year visit a site. Our news reports appear as top news stories in google search around the World.

E2 Investor and employees can work in US

The E2 Treaty Investor visa allows the investor to live and work in the US to direct and develop the business, and allows entry of Executive, Management and Essential skills employees.  Only nationals of certain Countries can apply.  Unfortunately, India and China are not on the E2 Treaty Country list. 

The E2 visa may be the only option in many cases to gain entry to the US.  Those who are keen to live in the US may wish to consider the E2 visa category.  The initial process of registering the US  business as an E2 business can be a difficult and complicated process.   In addition, British citizens need to show that they are resident in the UK or that the investing business is resident in the UK.

In larger businesses management and executive level employees may be sent to the US instead of the owners of the business. Employees that are also nationals of the same E2 visa Country as the investor may also qualify for an E2 visa. The E2 visa can continue to be extended indefinitely as long as the business continues in the US.

Need to be in the process of investing money for E2 visa

When you apply for E2 registration of a business you need to be in the process of investing money.  Unless an escrow arrangement is possible, you should show that you have made a substantial investment before applying. An escrow arrangement is possible in some circumstances.  For example, if you are buying an existing business money could be held in escrow to only be invested if you are granted an E2 visa.  You should have realistic plans to establish and fund the business. Usually, the qualifying E2 visa business should eventually create employment for US citizens and residents of the US.

Nationals of many Countries can apply under E2 Treaty Investor Visa Scheme

Nationals of many Countries can apply under the E2 visa scheme.  Unfortunately, as nationals of India and China cannot apply under the E2 visa scheme they can only gain entry as a spouse or dependent of an E2 visa holder or will firstly need to gain some other citizenship.  Some Indians are applying under the fast Grenada citizenship program to become eligible to apply under the E2 Treaty Investor visa scheme.  Even if you have to apply for another citizenship first under a Citizenship investment scheme, this is probably still a cheaper and faster alternative to the EB5 immigrant investor program that has greatly increased in cost since 21 November 2019 to a minimum investment of $900,000.

The E2 Registration and Visa option may be a good option in many cases.  However, you may need to invest money before you are granted E2 registration.  If you wish to gain a Green Card you will need to find a Green Card category that you qualify for. can help

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