US Student Visa Drop: Immigration Reform & Canada's Rise

By Sanwar Ali:

US Immigration Reform suggested due to low student numbers

We also have a detailed written report on "US Immigration Reform suggested due to low student numbers".

1. Introduction and The Current Decline in US International Student Enrollment

a. The United States as a global educational powerhouse
b. The impact of US Immigration Policies on International Student Enrollment

2. The Rising Popularity of Canadian Colleges and Universities

a. A 46% increase primarily due to Indian students
b. Canada's liberal immigration policies: From student status to work status

3. The Case of Indian Students

a. The 10% decline in Indian students in the US

4. US H1B Visa Limitations

a. Overview of the H-1B visa program

5. Canada's Advantage Over The US

a. The allure of Canada's liberalized immigration policies for international students
b. High visa denial rate by US affecting international student enrollment

6. The Dwindling Number of Chinese Students

a. The decline in Chinese students, historically a significant portion in US

7. Recommendations for Improving the Current Situation

a. Measures to reverse the declining trend
b. The importance of transparency for students denied visas

8. The Perspective from the Indian American Community

a. Indian American Congressman Shri Thanedar's concerns about America's immigration system

9. Developments in the Immigration Landscape

a. Updates from the state visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
b. Renewal facilities for Indian professionals' work visas within the US
c. Calls for comprehensive immigration reform due to declining overseas student numbers and visa issues helps with US Work Visa: L1, H1B, E2, and O1 Visas

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  • E2 visa: This visa is for investors who have made a significant investment in a US business and, management or essential skills employees.  Only certain nationalities can apply.

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